From Owl is an italian brand based in Parma, we craft elegant casualwear. Subscribe to receive few emails about our killing stories.

Filippo Tommasini

Born in 1991. Economics student in Parma. Founded the Owl brand as hobby in 2013 with Alberto Ziveri... and it's still an hobby. In his free time (but also in busy time) he goes surfing in summer and skiing in winter. Owner of two dogs, one of whom is Sam, an Australian Shepherd who often appears in Owl videos and lookbooks. He leads the Owl style and identity and he works on all the steps of the production process, from design to manufacturing.

Alberto Ziveri

Born in 1994. Studied Economics in Milan and Parma. He founded the owl brand as hobby in 2013 with Filippo Tommasini... And it's still an hobby. He's passionate about way too many things: economics, web design, photography, video making, innovating, science, skiing, football, travelling... yep, too many. He personally manages, design and develops fromowl.com, the branding, the packaging, and the distribution. Together with Filippo he leads the product development and the production process.

Luca Rovelli

Born in Parma in 1994. International Relationships student in Parma. He joined Owl in 2014, giving it a boost of enthusiasm. He's a soccer player, he loves boating, he tried to ski but he understood it wasn't his fate. The more time that passes, the more he's involved in Owl. He helps Owl in selling and promotion, and sometimes he takes care of certain aspects of the general process.

Luca Marocchi

Born in 1994 in Parma. Design student in Milan. Design-obsessed but not too much. He loves traveling, especially in the US. He joined Owl in 2015. He is the first adviser of the Owl style and branding, thanks to his design skills. Sometimes he works full time to the design and production of certain products.

Matteo Costa

Born in 1992 in Parma. Architecture student in Milan. He has just one passion: Motocross; and he does it at a professional level. He joined Owl together with Luca Marocchi in 2015. He's currently an advisor and sometimes he collaborates with Owl for special projects.

Luciana dal Zio

The official From Owl pattern creator since 2013. She worked in several fashion companies (including "Mariella Burani") and she's the protagonist in the production process: from the prototypes to the cutting. Nothing would be possible without her.

Lorenzo Maestri

Born in 1994 in Parma. Economics student in Parma. He loves baseball, and baseball, and baseball. He joined Owl in 2014 just to... help. Now he's an indispensable figure that can do pretty everything; from the modelling to the manufacturing of small parts of the products. In reality, he often works on certain production steps and he gives precious advice in the product development process..

Guendalina Felici

Born in 1994 in Parma, Italy. Fashion design student at NABA in Milan, she's often committed to making special women’s clothing for From Owl, and she also collaborates to enhance and improve the prototyping process. She dreams to become costume designer in movies/plays.

Luca Fossa

Born in 1995 in Parma. When necessary, he contributes to the lookbooks. 90% of the pictures we take for the products are shot by him with our Canon EOS Ds Mark III. He loves photography, and he helps make each Owl lookbook is a little piece of art.

Michele Grazioli

Born in 1995 in Soncino, Cremona. Economics student in Milan. He doesn't work directly on From Owl, but he's the manager and CEO at Divisible Odd Srls, the holding behind From Owl. He often gives legal and societary advices.