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Corniglio "Raw Seppia"

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This item comes inside a beautiful, original Owl envelope packaging, which can be reused and transparent shoes bag.

This beanie is made with the Cornigliese Sheep Wool, a wool obtained from the Cornigliese Sheep: an autochthonous breed of Sheep of our hometown: Parma. There are only 500 sheeps of this breed. The Corniglio Beanie is handmade in Parma (Italy), the wool is dyed in a natural way with lots of different plants and fruits. An internal soft cotton lining is added to make it warmer and softer. Due to the particular dyeing, each beanie is different, and the Beanie you will receive may be a little darker or lighter than the pictures. The Cornigliese Wool is dry, but absolutely not pricking, and very durable and beautiful to see. This product is unisex and comes in our beautiful branded reusable packaging.

This special version is made of two different natural dyed colors.