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In 2015 we went in Lofoten Islands, Norway, to start testing a new kind o product: the Wool Sweater. The new 2016 Owl Wool Sweater is better than ever: made of a new pure italian wool, very warm, dyed in beautiful colors. The cut is tight at the bottom to give it a more elegant look. The green internal cotton lining makes it super soft. The new YKK zipper has been brushed making it very sliding and soft at the touch. This is our iconic Winter product, and it's thought for men and women. Made in Parma, Italy.


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Sleeve Length 51 cm 52 cm 52.5 cm

From Norway to Italy

In August 2015 our Owl People Team went in Lofoten Islands, one of the most breathtaking place on earth. Those amazing lands inspired us to create the "Norway" Sweater: a warm and beautiful wool sweater with an internal soft cotton lining.

A Super Zipper

YKK is the undisputed leader in the sector, in 2015 we chose a classic YKK zip for our sweaters: it was well sliding, but still prickly with the skin. In 2016 and 2017 Norway Sweaters we chose the super sliding YKK, but this time we brushed it, so it's very soft and smooth at the touch. Each zip costs us 6€, which is a lot, but we're sure it will last forever and it's the best zip of the world, in every sense.

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