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Leo Jacket

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The Leo Wool Jacket is the result of a special project. In Summer 2016 we started a collaboration with Lanificio Leo, the oldest Calabrian Textile Factory (founded in 1873). Lanificio Leo gives us the opportunity to create, for the first time, our textile from the ground. We have choosen and experiment the textile yarn by yarn. The Leo Sweater is made of a wool textile, with green and white yarns. Since it's made with textile originally used for the home, this Jacket is very durable, and obviously made in Parma.


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Width (chest) 52 cm 54 cm 56 cm
Length 64 cm 68 cm 72 cm
Sleeve Length 51 cm 52 cm 52.5 cm

An History started in 1873

Lanificio Leo is the oldest Calabrian Textile Factory that continues to run a monumental fleet of late nineteenth century machines with which contemporary collections of textiles for the home and small fashion accessories are created. Founded in 1873, Lanificio Leo is one of the most significant examples of company-museum in which the logics of design-oriented production and valus realted industrial heritage are integrated in a management model that combines "doing business" with cultural tools.

A long process

The textile of this Wool Jacket has been conceived by Owl, and spinned by Lanificio Leo, dried in the open air in Calabria Region, Italy.

Durable, and Beautiful

The Textile is very durable because Lanifico Leo is experienced in textiles for the home, which need to be very resistant.

A Super Zipper

YKK is the undisputed leader in the sector, in 2015 we chose a classic YKK zip for our sweaters: it was well sliding, but still prickly with the skin. In 2016 and 2017 Norway Sweaters we chose the super sliding YKK, but this time we brushed it, so it's very soft and smooth at the touch. The same technique used for luxury woman bag zippers. Each zip costs us 6€, which is a lot, but we're sure it will last forever and it's the best zip of the world, in every sense.

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