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This item comes inside a beautiful, original Owl envelope packaging, which can be reused and transparent shoes bag.

A regular fit Shorts made of a very Precious material. Your definitive Fresh Summer Shorts.

Among our special products, this could be the most special one. The Mowgli Shorts are based on a simple idea: be the most special, durable, adventurous and exclusive Shorts you can find. They are made of one of the most expensive material in the world: Hemp. We found this material between Milan and Como. Hemp is a very underestimated textile, but not all people know that Hemp has incomparable features: it's incredibly resistant over time, it's very breathable (more than linen and cotton), it's more waterproof than cotton, it also shields electromagnetic waves, this means you won't have to worry about keeping your phone in your pocket. The Shorts is detailed with our brand exclusive Greek Ribbon and the Tuscany quality cord and leather cordlock.


Product Specs

Get the right size for you

Guess your best size of this product, based on the innovative owl algorithm which uses statistics to guess the proper size for you. Still need to see the measures? Check the fitting table for this product.

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Length 51 cm 53 cm 55 cm
Half Waist 39 cm 41 cm 43 cm
Leg Width 24.5 cm 25.5 cm 26.5 cm

Super Light

This product is very light, ready for the hottest days.



Crafted for your greatest adventures, for your escapes from the city or even to distinguish from the mass of metropolis.


Made in Italy

This product has entirely made in Northern Italy.


Very Exclusive

This product is very exclusive because it's produces in few quantities and with limited materials.

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