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Making a Winter Pant is a difficult operation. It has to be warm, comfy, not heavy, soft, and possibly elegant. We found an italian wool which is extremely soft, nicely detailed with blue and white dots, and it is obviously warm. Completed with an elastic cotton striped lining. The fit is regular, our model David Diouf wore it lower in the pics, but it generally fits clean, tight at the bottom, comfy at the top. Made in Parma, as always.


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Length 93 cm 95 cm 97 cm 99 cm
Half Waist 44 cm 46 cm 48 cm 50 cm
Leg Bottom Width 17.4 cm 18 cm 18.6 cm 19.2 cm

Detailed, Elegant, Comfy, Soft

We only made one pant. And we wanted to make it perfect. The Nebbia Pant is the definitive Winter Pant: it's warm because it's made of wool, it's modern because it's a detailed textile, it's elegant because it has an elegant slim fit.

We love linings

Wool is soft, but it's never the softest. A striped cotton elastic lining is added to the pant for increased softness.

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